What is your treatment philosophy?

When Dr. Olga Malkin opened Tribeca Advanced Dentistry she had one, very simple philosophy in how she treats her downtown New York patients – be honest and informative. Typically, we schedule a one-hour complementary consultation to openly and honestly explain treatment options and discuss pricing. We will answer your questions and ensure that you are informed, regardless of who you choose for your procedure.

Why don’t you accept all dental insurances?

Because dental insurance varies greatly in fees, when one practice agrees to accept insurance, it also agrees to accept that insurer’s fee schedule. Although we accept most PPO insurance because they pay fair prices, a large number of DMO and HMO insurances – and even some PPO insurances – would not cover our costs. Because of this, as a matter of policy, we never “upsell” our patients on more expensive or unnecessary treatments. This is why we can only accept dental insurance that is economically viable.

What kind of materials, equipment, and dental labs do you use?

We use dental implants and other critical components almost exclusively from Nobel Biocare. There is a very deliberate reason for this, as they are the acknowledged market leader in the restorative dentistry field. Although they tend to be more expensive, you get what you pay for as they are backed by nearly 30 years of clinical research, excellent technical support, and a large, stable company backing. For our lab work, our preferred partner is Beverly Hills Dental Lab located in Beverly Hills, CA  with whom we have had a 6-year relationship. We believe that our dental lab is one of the best in the country.

What if I am not happy with the results of my procedure?

We strive to meet the high expectations of our patients. When it comes to very complex aesthetic procedures, it may take several subsequent adjustments to get the perfect final result. We will never charge you beyond what was agreed upon during your initial treatment plan and if you require further adjustments, we will provide them within the agreed upon plan during any subsequent visits.

What if I want treatment, but can’t afford it?

Dental treatments can be expensive, this is true. This is because they not only take a lot of time, they also take an extensive amount of dental lab work and expensive materials as well as custom fabrication. However, we want you to be able to fix your smile, which is why we work closely with your budget without compromising on quality. We work with several reputed financing providers to help our patients pay over time, with convenient monthly payments during the course of your treatment and afterwards. Even so, we never use cheaper materials or cut corners to save money – we provide the same high-level dental restoration services to every patient, regardless of payment method.