Smile Makeover

When our Tribeca Advanced Dentistry New York office offers “Smile makeover” its is not offering a dental procedure or a set of procedures per se. It’s an aesthetic approach to dental treatment: what procedures or treatment can we recommend to make you look younger, more confident, or solve persistent dental aesthetic problems?

Tribeca Advanced Dentistry New York team of prosthodontist Dr. Olga Malkin and periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovan are well-trained in leading edge dental procedures such as All-on-4, complex dental implant placement, gum surgery, and advanced aesthetic restorations. In addition, our NYC dental office provides cosmetic dental procedures such as placing Invisalign to straighten your teeth, Zoom Whitening to improve its appearances, and even Botox injections for your facial skin.

Tribeca Advanced Dentistry New York team performed a smile makeover procedure shown on national TV show the Doctors:

Prosthodontist Dr. Malkin placed 19 porcelain crowns and periodontist Dr. Moldovan placed an implant for a 23-year-old patient to restore her smile after her teeth have been severely compromised due to childhood health issues. After a 5 hour procedure, during which 19 all porcelain crowns and a dental implant were placed, you can see Danielle’s new smile.

You can always come for a no-obligations free aesthetic consultation to our Tribeca dental office. We usually spend an hour with you discussing various dental treatment options, taking X-rays, and answering your questions. At the end of the consultation, you will be provided with a “treatment plan”, which will explain all steps in dental procedures in detail and provide price estimates. We also encourage you to do your own research to understand proposed procedures better, consider alternatives, and “pros and cons”. We like well-informed patients as we want to be confident that you understand and truly want your proposed treatment.

Not are only our dentists are well-trained and qualified, but also our New York dental practice also has “state-of-the-art” equipment to help us provide modern dental services such as 3D Dental Scan, dental microscope, diode lasers, and Zoom Whitening equipment.

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