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NYC ProsthodontistYou can think of a prosthodontist not just as a dental practitioner who places dental implants, porcelain crowns or veneers, but also as a “conductor” of a dental treatment plan. Prosthodontists often lead teams of other dental specialists and health professionals by providing a comprehensive dental treatment plan. While a well-qualified general dentist can place an implant or a crown, prosthodontist is trained to provide comprehensive dental treatment.

The name prosthodontist is derived from “prosthetics” as they usually place dental implants and crowns which are akin to prosthetics.

Complex Dental Care Management

Prosthodontists are trained to manage complex dental restorations or difficult dental aesthetic cases. Our New York office prosthodontist Dr. Malkin will also work with periodontist Dr. Moldovan on a patient treatment plan – a comprehensive blueprint to restore your smile to health and proper function. Our Tribeca Advanced Dentistry team often deals with cases where prior dental work did not achieve the desired outcome due to a lack of overall planning. When dealing with a difficult dental case, going to a prosthodontist may be the difference between success and failure.

Is prosthodontist the same specialty as a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is an informal name for a dentist who specializes in dental restorations or aesthetic dentistry. It is however, not a recognized specialty according to American Dental Association. When patients are talking about going to a dental specialist who is an expert in placing dental implants, veneers, crowns, or dental bridges, they probably are thinking of prosthodontist. Many New York patients are coming to our Tribeca practice looking for a “cosmetic” dental specialist only to be referred to our prosthodontist.

What’s the difference between periodontist and prosthodontist?

Periodontist and prosthodontist are both specialists who complement each other. A periodontist is derived from two Greek words: peri – “around” and odous – “tooth”. In most simple terms, periodontists treat gums and prosthodontist treats teeth although both specialties are qualified to place dental implants. Luckily, our New York office team has both specialists, making it easier to provide a truly comprehensive dental treatment.

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